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-Charlie M. Clint, Webmaster

Sure, if we had a choice, we'd prefer a nice day (and maybe even WARM) Opening Day for the Rose Festival! But this is Portland -- and we get lots of rain, year round. I always remind myself of two important things...

One, my Mom always said, "You're not made of sugar. You won't melt!" And two, all this rain is what keeps our city so beautifully lush and green! Rain brings lots of flowers and greenery, and I happen to love it, so...

The first day of the festival is almost always CRAZY for the Staff and our Board. There's so much to do! And there are always interviews to give and 'fires' to put out. And today has been no exception! And when you're busy and under a lot of stress, you can melt down, OR you can get a tad wacky! I think the best way to tell this story is with photos, so here we go!

2010 Rose Festival - Kristen clipboard   2010 Rose Festival - dynamic duo
Kristen hunts for a clipboard & Robert and Marilyn lean on each other

While at the front desk...

2010 Rose Festival - Hailey on phones   2010 Rose Festival - Morgan at front desk
Hailey answers phones & Morgan greets a visitor

2010 Rose Festival - Karen in jacket   2010 Rose Festival - Rich and powerbar
Karen dons her jacket & Rich powers up with a powerbar

2010 Rose Festival - David Gray clean the pond   2010 Rose Festival - Dave's feet
Dave Gray cleans our lily pond & Dave's wet feet

Board Member Meredith Park and her dad, Jim, came by to start setting up for tonight's party...

2010 Rose Festival - Meredith and Jim in kitchen   2010 Rose Festival - Ashley works and smiles
Meredith and Jim wave from the kitchen & Ashley stops work to share a big smile

2010 Rose Festival - President-Elect Sue Bunday   2010 Rose Festival - Sue hides
President-Elect Sue Bunday gets silly & hides her face

There are lots and lots of interviews going on...

2010 Rose Festival - Robert prepares for interview   2010 Rose Festival - Jeff does interview
Robert and Rich prepare for and interview & Jeff gives an interview

And there's a lot of CLOWNING AROUND going on, with our Amtrak Cascades Character Clown Corps always on hand. (Aside from Staff and Board clowning, that is!)

2010 Rose Festival - Angel prepares   2010 Rose Festival - Logan puts on makeup
Angel gets ready to perform & Logan puts on his makeup

2010 Rose Festival - clowns   2010 Rose Festival - Marilyn with clown nose
Rosee (Jodi) and Norman (Mark) clowning & Marilyn dons a clown nose

People are everywhere, visitors abound and we partner with so many important folks!

2010 Rose Festival - Jeff and police   2010 Rose Festival - Mark and Robert piggyback
Jeff meets with police & Mark gives Robert a piggyback ride

And the RAIN won't stop us!

2010 Rose Festival - Carol's a drowned rat   2010 Rose Festival - tarp over speakers
Carol's dripping, but still working & Speakers are covered with tarps

2010 Rose Festival - Rick with bike   2010 Rose Festival - rain
Green Man Rick (D.B. Cooper in 2009) rides his bike & the rain just pours down

Don't let the rain keep YOU away from Rose Festival FUN!

Just remember what my Mom says -- "You're not made of sugar. You won't melt!"


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Jun. 2nd, 2010 10:18 pm (UTC)
Sugar coating?
My kids birthday today. So used the Rose Festival web site to check out options. Great! Fleet week open today and the rides start at 11am. Get there at 10am and not a ship in sight. And at 11am they decide to not open even though there was no rain!

This is pathetic - I'm sure there are good reasons for both of these - but this is a web site and a blog - you couldn't be bothered to post something to say the fleet was delayed?! Not a word last night.

And the rides close because of the threat of rain? This is Oregon - get on with it.
Jun. 5th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Sugar coating?
So sorry you didn't get to celebrate your child's birthday!

Actually, the fleet was not delayed; the ships always come in during the afternoon. But, yes, we did close the park to try to fix the surface, and the minute we decided to close, it was on the home page of our website.

Since you didn't leave a name or email, I can't reach you, but if you contact marilync@rosefestival.org, we'd love to comp you admission and some ride tickets to come back down to Waterfront Village.

Thanks for writing to express your concerns!

Jul. 19th, 2010 05:12 pm (UTC)
One of the best blogs I've ever read! All the photos really capture the spirit of the Rose Festival and the smiling faces even on the rainiest of days! Thanks to the Rose Festival for another job well done!
Jul. 20th, 2010 11:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your comment. The Rose Festival folks definitely find ways to keep their spririts up.
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