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Opening the Festival, Come Rain or Shine!

-Charlie M. Clint, Webmaster

Our first day was far from a sunny one, but as I said in my previous entry, rain doesn't scare us -- or the City of Portland! So right on time at 5:00, the gates of Waterfront Village opened wide, letting the public pour in (pun intended).

Before heading in to ride the rides, eat the food, play the games and enjoy the entertainment and free samples, people stopped to view our Opening Ceremony. Time to share more photos!

2010 Rose Festival - Queen Rachel and 2010 Court   2010 Rose Festival - velomobile, Diego and clowns
Queen Rachel and the 2010 Court | Velomobiles parade past the crowd

Keeping it GREEN (as we always try to do for the Rose Festival), 2009 Queen Rachel Seeman and the members of the 2010 Rose Festival Court climbed into bicycle buggies, pedaling along together for our opening parade. The exciting new participants were various velomobiles, human-powered enclosed vehicles designed for aerodynamic advantage and protection from weather and collisions. We had quite a few on hand, and one was even towing along two dogs! This very green element will also be seen in the Grand Floral Parade, on June 12!

2010 Rose Festival - velomobiles by fountain   2010 Rose Festival - rained-covered velomobile
More velomobiles pass by the fountain | Close-up of rain-covered velomobile

The crowd loved the velomobiles and couldn't get enough of viewing them up close! Many photos (aside from mine) were taken and viewers waved and cheered. I loved 'chatting' with the two dogs who rode in the trailer of one velomobile -- and they wagged their tails and woofed like mad!

Of course, people always love to see the Amtrak Cascades Character Clown Corps in their funny, brightly-colored costumes!

2010 Rose Festival - dogs in velomobile   2010 Rose Festival - clowns and visitors
Dogs in velomobile | Clowns and visitors

The rain can't keep the Rose Festival Staff from enjoying the fun! We were there joining the cheering, and smiling in spite of bad weather. And Oregonians are used to rain, so there were plenty of folks there with us!

2010 Rose Festival - Laura is smiling in the rain   2010 Rose Festival - visitors brave the rain
Grinning Staff member Laura | Visitors brave the rain

Those attending might have seen Dora the Explorer and her friend Diego mingling with the crowd! With clowns, kids, dogs, velomobiles, the Court and Queen and lots of FRIENDS, how could we help but have a good time?

And this year we've got the Green Men and a Little Lady, another part of the green side of Rose Festival! They joined our group at City Hall during our annual pre-festival visit, to the approval of City Council!

2010 Rose Festival - fun, rain or no   2010 Rose Festival - Green Men and a Little Lady
Fun, rain or no! | Green Men and a Little Lady

Waterfront Village opened, people moved inside and the festival kicked off with our usual fanfare and excitement! Later we had a concert, the official Rose lighting and amazing FIREWORKS! But I suspect that's another blog entry...

We hope to see all of YOU at the festival during the coming weeks!


Jun. 2nd, 2010 09:51 pm (UTC)
Come shine
My kids birthday today. So used the Rose Festival web site to check out options. Great! Fleet week open today and the rides start at 11am. Get there at 10am and not a ship in sight. And at 11am they decide to not open even though there was no rain!

This is pathetic - I'm sure there are good reasons for both of these - but this is a web site and a blog - you couldn't be bothered to post something to say the fleet was delayed?! Not a word last night.

And the rides close because of the threat of rain? This is Oregon - get on with it.